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Your virtual online candle store and home to over 3000 high-quality unscented, scented, and aromatherapy candles in over thirty shapes, sizes, and finishes; along wih candleholders and accessories. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner, wedding, birthday, holiday festivity, summer party, or corporate event, let us provide the ambiance to make your event more memorable.

Our unscented, non allergenic candles from Europe burn clean, and dripless, with a large flame that will instantly change the lighting and mood of any room....and that for about only seven cents per hour. Our scented candles, saturated with wonderful fragrances and a rustic look, turn your home into a designer show case. And our aromatherapy candles with 100% pure essential oils will relax and strengthen the body and mind after a stressful day.

The navigation of our award winning, fast site is truly unique. You will notice how effortless you stroll from one department to the next, how every single item is shown to you in the color and size of your choice, and that there is no need for closing windows or backspacing. Our shopping is a three or four step process - select MAIN CATEGORY then SUB CATEGORY, then SIZE/STYLE, and then COLOR. A photo of each item that you added to your cart, is shown to you when viewing your cart. You may add, deduct, or delete at any time.


If you are trying to match a color, we recommend that you either purchase a sample before placing a large order, or send us a sample of the item you would like to match.

Enjoy your shopping experience by clicking on one of the main category buttons above!

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